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WrittenByIsi journals life experiences and opinions through blogs that get you through good times, bad times and trends. WrittenByIsi also explores various cultures and seeks to unite people from all over the world to live and learn about each other as we all manœuvre through life. 

WrittenByIsi invites readers like you to view life from a more positive perspective and take your mind off some issues as you explore this blog site and find your niche.

About Isi Ijewere

I am a college student studying Journalism and Mass communication with a minor in Astronomy. 

I recently discovered my love for expressing myself through written work and creating social media content 

I am passionate about providing people with accurate information and enlightening others while learning in the process. 

I love meeting new people, going to restaurants, and spending time with friends and family. 

I strive to let my faith in God radiate through everything I do. 

Fun Facts About Me


Fun facts about me

Favorite author: Francine Rivers 

Favorite food: Beans and Plantain/ Eba and Egusi

Favorite holiday: Christmas 

Favorite ice cream flavour: Chocolate

Favorite season: Summer and Raining season in Nigeria. 

Favorite colors: Blue and Burgundy

Hobbies: Dancing, pretending I can sing, and shopping.


About Written By Isi

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