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Five Lagos restaurants you have to visit

Besides being the commercial capital of Africa’s most populated country, Lagos never fails to proffer an exciting December holiday season. While the culture in Lagos is briskly evolving and defining itself day after day, the city is steadily becoming the go-to Christmas destination on the continent.

December in Lagos wouldn’t be the same without a visit to some of those restaurants you see all over Instagram. From the popular 'Mykonos On The Roof' to 'NOK by Alara' and 'Eric Kayser', the restaurant industry in Lagos is rapidly expanding with new restaurants emerging every year.

Much like most places around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on restaurants in Lagos during the lockdown in March.

The market slowly returned after the gradual relaxation of the lockdown and waiters put on their aprons and began work again under new conditions to prevent the spread of the virus. The turnout of restaurant customers was evidently less than before, but slowly picked up as another December season dawned on the city.

I explored some new and pre-existing restaurants on Lagos Island towards the end of 2020 and selected these five that I highly enjoin you to try whenever you pop into Lagos! The following restaurants are compliant with rules to curb the spread of the virus such as strict social distancing, provision of outdoor seating, and mandatory mask use.

These are not adverts and this blog post was not written in affiliation with any of these businesses.

1. Shiro Lagos:

If you're looking for an upscale restaurant with an ambiance that matches your large budget, this is your stop! Shiro Lagos offers one of the most sophisticated dining experiences in Lagos. Their extensive beverage menu complements the vast array of Asian meals they have, and never disappoints. Out of all the restaurants I tried, Shiro had the best cocktails each time I visited. I highly recommend their frozen Strawberry Daquiri and their Resonant Passion; you'd thank me later.

Photos by Isi Ijewere

2. R.S.V.P Lagos:

RSVP is the perfect spot for a plush dinner with friends and family. Explore the innovative dishes on their menu and take in the simple elegant design of the interior of the restaurant. If you’d rather have your meal outdoors, stroll to the side of the building and enjoy the calm lights and a mix of jazz and soulful music as you dine.

Photos by Isi Ijewere

3. Woks by The Blowfish: Woks Asian Cuisine is one of five restaurants at the Blowfish hotel in Victoria Island. My first visit to Woks was so amazing that I returned a week later with my family. Woks offers a palatial indoor dining facility with a cozy ambiance and highly efficient sit-down service. Their outdoor seating comes with loud music and a dinner overlooking a swimming pool. I enjoyed their Thai fried rice, chicken and lamb curry as well as a side of butter Naan.

Photos by Isi Ijewere

4. The View rooftop

Right atop the Twin waters building in Lekki, this rooftop experience offers a one of a kind view of the emerging skyline of Eko Atlantic as you enjoy the variety of continental and African dishes they have available. I had a scrumptious platter of yam chips, fried plantain, shrimp, assorted beef and chicken. The spacious and multiflorous décor that complements the awe-inspiring view of the Atlantic ocean is worth surveying as you savor your meal.

Photos by Isi Ijewere

5. Danfo Bistro: Located in the heart of Ikoyi, Danfo bistro offers a unique experience that merges the rural and urban mores of Lagos. Danfo bistro serves Agege bread and beans on a fancy dish and offers splendid cocktails that will have you just a little tipsy halfway into your meal. Danfo Bistro has an assortment of Nigerian meals on their menu that are seasoned and served like no other cuisine in the city.

Photos by Isi Ijewere

Thanks for reading WrittenByIsi

-Isi Ijewere

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