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Written By Isi is building a community of African entrepreneurs, creatives and changemakers that are taking advantage of new media, artificial intelligence and technology to transform their business processes and expand their reach.

Chelsea Jegede, the Founder of The Selfless Service Foundation, talks about the importance of young Nigerians reaching out to underprivileged communities and taking part in alleviating basic challenges faced by millions in the country...

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Thelma Ekezie is a Registered Nurse based in Texas who dedicates her time outside work to other women by composing heartfelt blog posts...

Since May 2020, I have been reporting on the Coronavirus pandemic in Lagos, Nigeria for my news writing classes.   


I interviewed a number of health care professionals around the country and learned so much about the health care system in Nigeria. It’s multifaceted, complex and beset by socioeconomic and political issues.  

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Simone McKenny shares the experiences that led up to her role in local news and offers a great deal of advice for aspiring journalists as well as other students who are still trying to figure things out.


In this first episode of Written By Isi x The Logue, DJ Emeezy gives us a peek into what a DJ's life in lockdown looks like and, in his own words, other ways to express his art and expand his brand during this pandemic.

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Check out these five amazing restaurants you must visit while in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos!

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