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Afrobeats singer BNXN releases new song, “Pray,” celebrating hardwork and faith 

Right in time for summer, afrobeats singer BNXN drops a new song with a message of hard work and dedication. The heartfelt melody titled, “Pray,” was released with a music video directed by the well acclaimed cinematographer, TG Omori.

With its energetic tunes and instrumentation, the song is an ode to the unbreakable spirit of Nigerians. Its lyrics speak to the heart of the Nigerian experience, and are a powerful reminder of the importance of perseverance and faith in the face of adversity.

From the first verse of the track, the afro-fusion singer takes listeners on a journey of devotion to his craft as he points out that he has been “out here writing songs” and “working double.”

With the tenacity of his journey in mind, the afrobeats superstar makes an impassioned plea in the chorus to “Emi mi mo,” which means Holy Spirit. He implores, “I’ve been working hard o, make I no go fall o,” in his prayerful ensemble akin to a passionate rendition of a church hymn.

The tune features an electrifying choir in the background paired with call-and-respond vocal patterns that add a dynamic layer to the music and accentuate the emotional intensity of the lyrics.

“Pray” is the latest in a long line of hits from BNXN, who has been dominating top ten lists in the Nigerian music scene for the past couple years. With a unique blend of traditional African beats and modern rhythms, BNXN has become known for his ability to create music that transcends boundaries and brings people together.

Since the artist dropped a teaser of the song and announced its release date, the relatable tune has been making waves on social media and streaming platforms. The afrobeats number is poised to become a major hit across the industry.


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