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Commas by Ayra Starr - an uplifting anthem

Listening to Ayra Starr's "Commas" as you strut down the street might just be the most empowering experience. 

The song starts with a rhythm that makes you want to get up and sway your hips like the Sabi babe herself at the start of the lyrics video to the single. Her liberating words make the tune all the more powerful as she expresses the need to enjoy each moment in life and “leave your worries alone.”  

The lines, “draw tattoo make I live my life,” and "see my fire burning bright," connote her desire to live with no rules or societal standards holding her back. She conveys a strong sense of self-confidence and a refusal to be held back by fear or doubt, encouraging listeners to embrace their inner fire and live life to the fullest.

In her interview with Sally on Oui Oui Baguette, Ayra Starr notes that African women are often told their "shakara" is too much. Commas is a testament to the artist's desire to empower young Black women and remind them to never let anyone dim their light.

One thing about Ayra Starr - she’s going to remind us that because of God, she fears nothing, just as she does in the second line of Commas and the chorus of her hit single, “Rush.”

The string instruments and drum beats accompanying the lyrics add a majestic touch and hartening tone as the Afro-pop star vocalizes over them. 

The message in Commas is simple yet compelling, inspiring listeners to embrace their inner strength and pursue their dreams.


Isi’s note 

With my AirPods snugly perched in my ears, I return to the Apple Music app and hit “play,” ready to sashay on my daily journey through the intricate rhythm of Commas.

On this journey, I’m reminded to “fight the fight,” never give up, and take every opportunity to live life on my terms and do the things that make me happy. 



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