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Christmas in Lockdown

Christmas is usually the time of the year to travel back home, spend time with family or go beyond your borders to a new country to experience the joys that come with the season. This year has been a rollercoaster and the last thing we needed was a new strain of COVID-19 and a Christmas in Lockdown. What a bummer!

It sucks to hear that many of us will spend this Christmas in lockdown, but I've got a list of activities to keep boredom far-flung this holiday:

Photo by freestocksorg 1) A Carol night: enjoy Christmas tunes this holiday with family and friends. Tune in to a virtual Christmas Carol show and enjoy the music with your loved ones. 2) Christmas movie night: Get cozy on your couch or snuggle up under your duvet and binge watch some old time Christmas movies and check out the new releases. Our friends on @writtenbyisi (on Instagram) recommended these Christmas movies:

  • Best man holiday

  • Klaus

  • Home alone

  • The Night Before

  • Holidate

  • A Christmas Prince

  • The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2

3) Make Christmas treats: Get in the holiday season with some of your favorite Christmas snacks and meals. Put on your chef hats and whip up some eggnog, or you can keep it simple and quick with some chocolate chip cookies; that's up to you! 4) Christmas Zoom with family and/or friends: We're probably all Zoom fatigued by now, but the option is still available. Plan a call with your closest friends and/or family members and bond virtually over Zoom, WebEx, Google meet, Skype, or Facetime, your options are (almost) endless. Don't forget the games! 5) Play Christmas Games with your household: gather round the coffee table for some Christmas games, or play with your loved ones over that Zoom call. 6) Christmas playlist: Turn your speakers up and have this playlist running in the background as you go about your day at home. 7) Christmas karaoke: download a karaoke app, or head over to YouTube and sing along to a lyric video. Compete with family and friends, or just enjoy the laughs as you mix up the lyrics to your favorite Christmas songs. 8) Have a Christmas picnic: spend Christmas with nature outside in your garden or a nearby park. Pack all your Christmas treats in your picnic basket and remember to take those decorations and a speaker to Christmas carols 9) Paint Christmas Ornaments and hang them on your tree: get snug in your cozy Christmas sweaters and socks and camp with your presents, 10) Exchange Christmas cards: get cute this Christmas, write and decorate holiday cards for your friends and family. Add some red, green, and pop with some glitter! 11) Wrap presents: Wrap up Christmas gifts for your loved ones and tape the lovely cards you decorated to the gift boxes. 12) Attend church online or in-person: Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Jesus, so tune in to an online church service or mass or go in perfect while following all COVID-19 protocols put in place. 13) Volunteer: The reason for the season is much bigger than Christmas trees and carols. It's about the birth of Jesus Christ and the season comes with being generous and spreading love everywhere. Put a smile on someone else's face this Christmas by volunteering or donating useful items to the less privileged. 14) A Christmas photo shoot: get stylish by yourself or with others, and find a perfect outfit for the season, set up your tripod and find the perfect lighting. Take those cute pictures, frame them or post them. 15) A Christmas dinner: prepare (or order) your favorite meals and have a Christmas buffet with your family. Make sure your Christmas lights are turned on and you got the Christmas playlist in the background to set the mood. Cant wait to see how you all celebrate Christmas while staying safe this year. Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for reading WrittenByIsi

-Isi Ijewere Bible verse takeaway: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” ‭‭-John‬ ‭1:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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