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A passionate fling - “Be With Me” by Beats by Eman hits streaming platforms

African singer, producer and songwriter, Beatz by Eman, released a new single that explores the passion and excitement of pursuing a love interest while illustrating the uncertainties of a new romantic relationship.

With its powerful instrumentation and sentimental lyrics, "Be with me," speaks to the heart of a young adult yearning for assurance that the feelings they've developed for their love interest are mutual. From the first notes of the song, listeners are transported to a world of hope, infatuation and uncertainty, as Beatz by Eman delivers a heartfelt composition that is both fervent and inspiring.

With its catchy hooks and upbeat energy, “Be with me,” showcases a unique blend of Afrobeat rhythms and infectious pop melodies. Beatz by Eman is no stranger to the music scene, having established a reputation as one of the most innovative artists in his city, Toronto, and as the founder of SoundKing Entertainment, a record label in Canada.

Beatz by Eman is known for his ability to craft songs that speak to the heart, and his latest single is no exception. Featuring a blend of lush harmonies, pounding drums, and feel-good grooves, "Be with me," is an upbeat love song that is guaranteed to get listeners moving and singing along.

The emphatic piece is a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced the buzz of a potential relationship or the pains of rejection, and a testament to the power of music to evoke emotions and hold memories.

“Be with me” is a peek into what the international artist has in store for his listeners this year as he prepares for bigger projects and collaborations. The music video is set to be released shortly after the song hits streaming platforms later this month.



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