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“Need” by Legendary feat. Motiv and Lil Prof - an assertion of love and deep desire

Canadian-based afrobeat artist, Legendary, released his third single of the year, “Need,” in December last year, featuring Motiv and Lil Prof. The love song is a gentle mix of afrofusion and mellow instrumentation that evokes a passionate feeling as it conveys a strong desire for the object of the artist’s affection.

Legendary has succeeded in infusing rap, hip hop and afrobeats in his previous releases, but this time he focuses on the afrobeat sound and creates a dynamic flow that keeps you wanting more. The track incorporates an upbeat rhythm that keeps your heart at a gentle but expectant pace as you journey through the heartfelt balladry and burrow into the lyrics.

The multi-genre artist is not always telling a story with his music, but this release makes you feel exactly how you should when professing your love to that one special person. Legendary’s talent shines through the artistry in this piece as the song could either make you want to relax in the arms of your significant other or compel you to get up, whine your waist and dance to the beat.

Motiv and Lil Prof complement the love story with soft cadences that highlight the flow of the track and emphasize the sacrificial love that inspires the stanzas in the afrobeat song.

Legendary is able to forge a sensational piece with almost any beat as he continues to show his versatility across different genres and make every tune come to life. His sound evolves with each record he delivers, keeping his audience on their toes as each new release approaches.



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