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Quarantine Birthday Ideas

Hey guys!

If you're a Taurus or Gemini, depending on where you live, you might have your birthday while on lock-down/ staying home. There's no need to stress about what to do to celebrate your day cause I've gotchu!

Quarantine Birthday Ideas:

1. Zoom party: Have fun with your friends or family members over a Zoom call. Get your drinks, snacks and some background music ready! Play games over the call to keep the party alive. Check out for games to play over a Zoom call.

2. FaceTime photo shoot: Your birthday is the perfect excuse to get dressed if you're on lock down and haven't gone out in a while. Throw on that cute outfit, FaceTime a close friend and let the magic happen over the call!

3. Sip and Paint by yourself, virtually with friends, or with your household: Find a serene location where you can observe nature and juggle your creative juices. Get your brushes, colors and create that masterpiece!

4. Make a special dinner and dessert: Cook or order your favorite meal and set your dinner table. Put up decorations and take cute pictures to remember this unique birthday. Order a cake (or surprise a close friend on their birthday with a cake delivered to their front door.) Don't forget your dessert!

5. Have a Netflix party: Get on a video call with your close friends and stream your favorite movies and series. Don't forget popcorn and sweet treats!

I hope these ideas make your birthday a whole lot better. Let me know how it goes. Have fun!

If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments!

Thanks for reading WrittenByIsi. -Isi Ijewere Bible verse takeaway: "Most High God, when I am afraid I will trust in you." -Psalms 56:3


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